Your safety is paramount to us!

By John

A few more safety tips to help you while your out.

We understand people attend events to have a good time and for the foremost that is generally the case, but there are a small minority who are intent on disrupting the fun for everyone. So here are some safety tips for when you are attending music events any where.

1 – Never leave valuables or drinks unattended.

2 – Consider what you really need to take. Can you share who takes what among your friends?

3 – Do you really need to take an expensive watch?

4 – Only take out as much cash as you need

5 – Separate cash from cards and only take one bank/credit card if you can.

6 – Make sure pockets or handbags have zipped openings to prevent belongings being snatched.

7 – Don’t flash the cash or the expensive hi-tech gadgets, keep items in a zipped bag rather than a back pocket.

8 – Keep belongings close!

9 – Report anything lost or stolen to the security, stewards or the police immediately.

Just keeping these simple things in mind could make all the difference with your experience.

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    Boom shaaklkaa boom boom, problem solved.

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