Summer Break

By Matt Knowles

 Summer Break:

The crew and staff at Celf Llambed Arts are taking a break for the summer. However rest assured we will be back and boy have we got a treat for you! We kick things of again on the the 29th September where we drop the bass line and go in heavy with the one and only Major Triadz supported by the hugely popular Regime. This is defiantly a night not to be missed.

Then on the 28th October we bring you something truly special, A band who needs no introduction the mighty mighty FUOD need a say more, make sure you get ya tickets early for that one!!!

In the mean time, On the 17th of this month Victoria Hall and Urdd will be holding a gig with three excellent local bands S┼Ánami, Calfari and Mellt details can be found here

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