Only 1 week to go!

By John

In a small Lampeter venue, blues maverick Son of Dave will soon be twitching with the fervour of a man possessed.

Using his whole body as an instrument, he will blast away on a harmonica, with his foot hammering a wooden percussion board and one hand a blur of rattled shaker. Son of Dave a petite figure in a three-piece suit and fedora, he is framed, both visually and sonically, by two female backing singers, but his manic performance is the centrepiece. Come and watch as he jerks and twitches, grunts and spits into the chromed static microphone, whilst looping the whole thing via a foot-pedal and creating a raw funky gumbo that’s two parts honky-tonk to one part beatboxer.

There is only a week to go – and this is too good to miss! Get yer tickets while you can!

Son of Dave’s forthcoming single ‘Old times were go
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