Who are we?

Celf Llambed Arts is a not-for-profit community project and branch of Transition Llambed Development Trust, all proceeds made from our live music nights are returned back into funding further live music nights for the community and surrounding areas.

Transition is a movement that has been growing since 2005.  It is about communities stepping up to address the big challenges they face by starting local.  By coming together, they are able to crowd-source solutions. They seek to nurture a caring culture, one focused on supporting each other, both as groups or as wider communities.

Transition is a grassroots movement, where ideas can be taken up rapidly, widely and effectively because each community takes ownership of the process themselves. Transition looks different in different places and we want to encourage rather than unhelpfully constrain that diversity.

The Transition approach is to work together as a community, unleashing our collective genius to have a greater impact together than we can as individuals. We will look for opportunities to build creative and powerful partnerships across and beyond the Transition movement and develop a collaborative culture, finding links between projects, creating open decision-making processes and designing events and activities that help people make connections.

Visit www.transitionnetwork.org for more information about the Transition Network.

Our Vision

Is to provide an range of live music nights for the local community and surrounding areas to enjoy by providing a brilliant programme of distinct live music events catering for all tastes and ages with bands, groups and DJ’s booked from all across West Wales and beyond.


Our Story

Celf Llambed Arts was developed by a group of like-minded passionate people who care for their community and are dedicated bringing you everything a good night consists of. Our aim is to provide brilliant programmes of distinct live music events catering for all tastes and ages with an eclectic range of music to stomp your feet to!

Celf Llambed Arts has provided some of the best and well-recognised live bands, groups and DJ’s known throughout the country and with your attendance you will be helping us bring even more.  We have a Shambles Café that opens at 7.00pm on every event so make sure you stop by early and get fuelled up ready for the night, then the live music will start at 8.30pm and you will be able to burn of some of that energy on the dance floor, followed by a DJ to keep the theme going until late.

So if you like live music, want an excuse to dance, or just want a good night out, then save the last Friday of the month for exactly that. Come along, bring your friends and enjoy a great night out at Victoria Hall, in Bryn Road, Lampeter.

Meet the Team

With many thanks to our great team, who are all dedicated to bringing the best nights to you.

Meic Bromwell

Sound Engineer

Becky Hulme

Bookings Co-ordinator

Kaz Marsh

KazBar Manager

Peggy Beer

Ticket Manager

John Moore

Security Manager

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