A few tips for safety whilst you’re out and about!

By John

If you are planning on attending a large public event with friends and family then the most effective way of improving your group’s personal security is to prepare for any unfortunate eventualities. Although some of the pre-emptive personal security measures listed below may seem excessive, by implementing these precautions in advance you can prevent your group from suffering significant financial losses and emotional distress.

Firstly, one of the best pre-emptive security measures that you can practice is researching the venue where the event will be held. In the weeks leading up to a popular football match or concert the organisations who will be hosting each event, venues and organisers will publish important information regarding;

The opening and closing times of the venue,

The venue’s layout; including its primary and secondary entrance locations and exit points,

The predicted amount of attendees,

Detailed maps of the venue, its parking areas and restaurant facilities,

Directions to the venue via bus, train or car,

The venue’s emergency evacuation protocols,

Contact details for security, first aid personnel and lost property departments who will be present on the day, and

Information regarding restricted or prohibited items such as cans, glass bottles or caps on water bottles.

Remember to enjoy meeting new people but also remember that they are strangers so beware of trusting them with anything valuable or finding yourself alone with them.

It’s always a good idea to agree where your group will meet at certain times of the day, in case someone loses their phone/has it stolen/batteries die etc. and they can’t be contacted

It’s true what they say about safety in numbers: Stay in groups and avoid wandering off on your own.

Stick to well-lit, busy areas, especially at night.

Stay alert – the sooner you see or hear potential trouble approaching, the more likely it is that you will be able to avoid it.

Remember, alcohol or drugs can seriously affect your ability to make safe judgments or to react swiftly in an emergency situation.

Never leave your drink unattended. Even soft drinks can be spiked with drugs or alcohol.

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